The commodity shall be inspected prior to shipment either at the premises of the supplier and/or at the port of loading and/or port of discharge. The inspection shall seek to ensure strict conformity of the commodity with the agreed upon specifications.

Our services are always adapted to our client’s need and include:

  • Inspection and acceptance of ship holds, hatch covers, draught survey
  • Establishment of intake/out turn weight by means of draft survey
  • Sampling during entire loading and/or discharging operations and preparation of contractual samples
  • Supervision throughout loading/discharging
  • Speeding up loading and/or discharging operations
  • Conducting neutral analysis
  • Check of packing and marking
  • Check of bag weight
  • Damage assessment, if any
  • Photographic reporting
  • Daily reporting of events
  • Certification of quality, quantity & condition
  • Our spectrum of services covers the following agricultural products:
    • Dry bulk cargoes
    • Liquid bulk cargoes
    • Bagged cargoes
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